La isla misteriosa Download torrent in HD

La isla misteriosa Download torrent in HD

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Director: Juan Antonio Bardem
Year: 1972
Genre: Fantasy
Audio: MP3, 32 kb / s
Runtime: 4:27:38
Country: France
Starring: Omar Sharif, Ambroise Bia, Jess Hahn, Philippe Nico Gerard Tisci, Gabriele Tinti, Rafael Bardem ml., Mariano Vidal Molina, Rick Battaglia, Alfonso de la Vega, Miguel Del Castillo, Luis Induni


Excellent film adaptation of the novel by Jules Verne's The Mysterious Island. 1865 height of the American Civil War. Several northerners southerners fleeing captivity in a balloon. But fate prepares travelers new tests, they get on a desert island. To survive in this challenging environment helps them not only diligence and knowledge, but also help the mysterious well-wisher. Which is the mysterious Captain Nemo, who found refuge on the island for himself and his Nautilus. With the help of you can download La isla misteriosa full free movie in HD quality.

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