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Runtime: 2:18:07
Director: Louis Malle
Country: France
Year: 1973
Audio: faad, 128 kb / s
Genre: Drama
Starring: Pierre Blaise, Clement Aurora, Holger Lёvenadler Theresa Giza, Stephen Bui, Lumi Yakobesko Renee Bullock, Pierre Dekaz Jean Rougerie, Cécile Ricard Jacqueline hundred Ave Ninki


1944. Provincial peasant boy Lucien Lacombe decides to throw hard and thankless job cleaner in the hospital and go to the guerrillas - poppies. But to take it do not want to, citing a young age. As fate Lucien gets to the Gestapo, where he is receiving much more welcoming ... With you can download Lacombe Lucien full HD movie.

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