Lansky Download 1080p torrent

Lansky Download 1080p torrent

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Runtime: 1:51:37
Year: 1999
Director: John McNaughton
Country: United States
Audio: faad, 129 kb / s
Genre: Drama
Starring: Richard Dreyfuss, Eric Roberts, Anthony LaPaglia, Max Pearl, Beverly DAndzhelo, Matthew Settle, Illeana Douglas, Francis Guinan, Stanley DeSantis, Jeff Perry


The film tells about the American mafia of Jewish origin Myer Lansky. He worked with such gangsters Bugs Benny Siegel and Lucky Luciano. Action retrospectively constructed (in the form of memories) and begins with scenes filmed in Israel, when Lansky waiting for the decision of the Israeli authorities to expel him to the States. He expelled from the country, denied asylum in Paraguay, Cuba, he has to go back to Florida. Accusations of drug trafficking outweigh those services which were provided to the Mafia during the Second World War. Persecution Lansky US authorities are central to the plot, and then what the characters seen simply as a few unusual business in which the Jews had to compete with the Italians. In general, the image of Mr. Meyer Lansky was discharged with great sympathy, can not be said about politicians, judges and FBI agents. Plant Lansky authorities did not succeed, he died January 15, 1983 in Miami at the age of 80 years. With the help of this site you can download Lansky full movie in HD quality.

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