Le chevalier de Pardaillan Download 1962 720p

Le chevalier de Pardaillan Download 1962 720p

Dowload movie Le chevalier de Pardaillan full HD

Audio: faad, 64 kb / s
Year: 1962
Genre: Drama
Director: Bernard Borderie
Runtime: 1:25:32
Country: France
Starring: Gerard Barre, Gianna Maria Canale, Michele Grelieu, Kirk Morris, Jean Topar, Robert Berry, Guy Delorme, Caroline Remy, Jacques Seiler, Robert Dalban Raul Biyre Antoine Beau


Seventeen Francois falls in love with Louise, a notable enough girl to become the wife of a descendant of a noble family of Montmorency. To prevent the marriage, the father of Francois sends to war, but young people have time to get married. Taking advantage of the absence of Francois, his brother begins to pursue Louise and organizing the abduction of her newly born daughter. Returning from the war, Francois's brother reported that Louise was unfaithful to him and Francois believes it ... Years pass, and the tragedy erupted with renewed force. With UrsaMovie.com you can download Le chevalier de Pardaillan free full HD movie.

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