Mama Download free in HD

Mama Download free in HD

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Director: Ik-hwan Choe
Audio: MP3, 64 kb / s
Country: South Korea
Genre: Drama
Year: 2011
Runtime: 1:50:52
Starring: Om Jong Hwa, Lee Hyun Sok Chon Soo Ken, Ryu Hyun Gene Kim Jin-soo, Lee Chang Kyung Kim Hae Suk, Yoo Hae-jin, Han Song Zhang, Ryu Seung Wan


The film presents three different stories related to the fact that all of them - the relationship with the most important person in the life of each of us - my mother. Dong Suk - a single mother raising a sick son, who can not even walk alone. Woman is working hard because he wants to keep the promise given to his son - to travel the world. But suddenly it turns out that she was sick, and not the fact that the operation will help ... But Don Suk simply obliged to fight for life, because it is - a mother, it - everything is at her son! Son Chol thoroughly and successfully hides from her mother that he was a gangster. The woman firmly believes that he is working as a school teacher of English. Son Chol doted in his mother buys her everything she wants, go to different trip. However, it turns out that she needed surgery, she categorically refuses to do. Her condition is his son, she would agree if he will track down her first love. What remains Son Chol? Of course, do everything for the upper class, because his mother for him more important than all else. Chang Hee Kyung - the most sought after in the country, an opera singer. She did not hesitate goes over the heads toward its goal. Her manager - her own daughter Eun Song. It would seem that women have a job, a family, a famous mother. But even such a simple man has a long-standing dream that she is forced to hide from the mother to the child Son Eun wanted to become a singer, but in the school speech Hee Kyung Ashamed daughter, and since then, she did not dare to sing. How famous singer, mother and daughter, who decided to audition in a third-gear, to find a common language? Song Eun support if the most important man in her life? With the help of you can download Mama full free HD movie.

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