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Director: Steve De Dzharnatt
Audio: MP3, 32 kb / s
Year: 1988
Genre: Fantasy
Runtime: 1:27:20
Country: United States
Starring: Anthony Edwards, Mayor Uinninghem, John Agar, Lou Hancock, Mykelti Williamson, Kelly Jo Minter, Kurt Fuller, Denise Crosby, Robert Dukuy, O-Lan Jones, Claude Earl Jones, Alan Rosenberg


Heroes - two just met and fell in love young people - will try to escape a terrible fate, but to no avail. This tone of grim and inevitable despair pervades much of the film's plot. She first appears when Harry Uoshello overheard the call in a phone booth next door to the cafe, where he had gone a snack, picked up the device and learned from an unknown source, that the 15 minutes starts a nuclear war, and little more than an hour later, the whole world will fly to hell. Pleasant, damn it, the message! .. With the help of this site you can download Miracle Mile free movie in HD.

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