Monsieur Papa Download HD full movie

Monsieur Papa Download HD full movie

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Director: Kad Merad
Runtime: 1:25:40
Year: 2011
Audio: MP3, 40 kb / s
Country: France
Genre: Comedy
Starring: Michel Laroque, Kad Merad, Gaspard Meyer, Judith El Zein, Vincent Perez, Myriam Boyer, Florence Mori balut Jacques Olivier Barre, Patrick Bonnel, Xiaoxing Cheng, Clovis Cornillac


Marius - 12, he does not know his father and greatly miss him. His mother - a top manager in a large company, and all the time lost at work. She is forced to take at least something to calm his son. In the end, she decides to hire the unemployed, that he played the role of father for Marius. But, of course, not everything goes perfectly on its plan ... With you can download Monsieur Papa full movie in HD quality.

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