Neukdaeui yuhok Download 1080p free movie

Neukdaeui yuhok Download 1080p free movie

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Genre: Drama
Country: South Korea
Runtime: 1:55:22
Year: 2004
Audio: MP3, 32 kb / s
Director: Kim Tae-Gyun
Starring: Han Song-Cho, Kang Dong-won, Lee Chung Ah, Zhi-Yong Hong, Ta-Hye Jeong, Bo-yeon Kim, Cheon-hee Lee


Han Kyung - country girl who comes into a huge throbbing capital and begins to study at the School of Seoul. And suddenly, although it is far from being called a beauty, falls in love with two men at once. First - Ban Hae Won. He is handsome, good fights, rides a motorcycle and drives cool car. Hae Won is so popular among the girls that they literally walk behind him and constantly photographed him with his mobile phone. Second - Jeong Tae Sung, the good man with a murderous smile. He carefully takes care of Han Kyung, calling her sister, but his mood changes every five minutes, suggesting that his kinship that something is wrong. Soon the two guys started fierce competition for the right to possess the heart of a girl in front of a stunned and Han Kyung gets difficult problem of choice ... With the help of this site you can download Neukdaeui yuhok free movie in HD quality.

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