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Nichts als die Wahrheit Download in HD quality for free

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Audio: MP3, 56 kb / s
Country: United States
Runtime: 2:02:27
Year: 1999
Director: Roland Richter Zuzo
Genre: Drama
Starring: Kai Wiesinger, Goetz George, Carolyn Aykhorn Doris Schade, Peter Roggisch, Bastian Trost, Peter Ryuring, Michael Rosen, Hans Peter Hallvahs, Traugott Bure, Stefan Schwarz, Heinz Triksner


Young successful lawyer wrote a biography of Josef Mengele, supposedly for 50 years as the dead. In fact Mengele alive and hiding in Brazil to this day, hoping to go back to Germany to stand trial ... and to require justification for their crimes in the death camps. To this end, he invited the aforementioned protagonist to be his lawyer. In the process of Mengele it proves that those whom he mutilated, his works have been saved from death, and those whom he killed - free from suffering. With the help of this site you can download Nichts als die Wahrheit free full movie in HD quality.

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