NightMan Download for free 720p

NightMan Download for free 720p

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Audio: MP3, 56 kb / s
Genre: Fantasy
Director: Nick Daniel
Country: United States
Year: 1997
Runtime: 1:24:37
Starring: Matt MakKolm, Derek Webster, Earl Holliman, Felesia M. Bell, Michael Woods, Patrick Macnee, Michael Harney, Nicole Nagel, James Karen, Robert Kerbeck, Sal Lopez, Rick Young


21, San Francisco. The most notorious criminals tremble at the mention of his name. He - a new superhero, invincible Naytmen. Only a few dedicated know his secret. His brain - virtual psychic radio, tuned to the frequency of evil. Naytmen elusive, it can become invisible and create their twins. He is fluent in martial arts. In his arsenal of the most advanced weapons and fantastic technology of the future: anti-gravity belt, pool impenetrable suit with a holographic projector, infrared night vision with superglaz hyperfine laser scanning system and guidance. This is the most invulnerable and bekompromissny fighter against the criminals, the worst nightmare for the forces of evil. With you can download NightMan free movie in HD.

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