Pawel i Gawel Download 720p torrent

Pawel i Gawel Download 720p torrent

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Country: Poland
Year: 1938
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 1:09:34
Audio: faad, 97 kb / s
Director: Mieczyslaw Kravich
Starring: Eugeniusz Bodo, Adolf Dymsha Helena Grossovna Josef Orvid, Halina Doree, Zofia Mellerowicz, Tadeusz Fievsky, Karol Dorwski, Roman Derain, Irena Skwierczynska, Michal Golden Horn, Sergius Kwiek


The inventor of the modern revolutionary model of the radio, Paul can not get over it. Despite the fact that the receiver is an innovative device, it is not possible to anyone interested. Violet is also not easy, because she has to pretend to be a child genius, whom she did not. She has to constantly give concerts on the cello, just to work off the family debt. At one of the concerts of Violetta, our heroes meet, but Paul, who sees in it only a 13-ylene teenage violinist can not see behind this screen love with his 18-iletnyuyu Woman. With you can download Pawel i Gawel full free HD movie.

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