Pusher Download free 1080p

Pusher Download free 1080p

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Year: 1996
Genre: Thriller
Director: Nicolas Winding Refn
Runtime: 1:45:17
Country: Denmark
Audio: MP3, 64 kb / s
Starring: Kim Bodnya, Zlatko Buric, Laura Drasbek, Slavko Labovic, Mads Mikkelsen, Peter Andersson, Vanja Bajicic, Lizabet Rasmussen, Levi Jensen, Thomas Bo Larsen, Lars Bohm, Michael Hasselflug


Frank, a professional pusher - so called small street drug dealers - big trouble. He has 50 thousand. Its suppliers, Yugoslavia, and in addition to this at the time of sale of heroin visitors Swedes police swooped, and all the goods taken in debt, had to be thrown into a pond. Tony's friend, with whom they worked together, confessed the police. But items thrown, there is no evidence, and Frank released. Now his debt to the supplier Milo - 180 thousand. Frank loves prostitute Vic, a beautiful girl, but a hopeless drug addict. In addition to her, perhaps, nothing good in the lives of Frank and there. And there's no money, and Milo needs to repay the debt. Can not - bouncer Milo Radovan will cut him with a knife kneecaps. Frank buys a gun. Companies, meanwhile, know that he dared to open their own business. This is not goodbye ... With the help of UrsaMovie.com you can download Pusher full movie in HD quality.

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