Quel maledetto treno blindato Download 720p free movie

Quel maledetto treno blindato Download 720p free movie

Movie Quel maledetto treno blindato torrent HD

Year: 1978
Runtime: 1:39:27
Genre: Comedy
Country: Italy
Director: Enzo G.. Castellari
Audio: faad, 128 kb / s
Starring: Bo Svenson, Peter Hooten, Fred Williamson, Michael Pergolani Jackie Beyskhart, Michel Constantin, Debra Berger, Raymond Harmstorf Ian Bennen, Flavio Andreini, Peter Boom, Vito Fornari


The Second World War, France, 1944. Because the US military base at Camp driven group of war criminals. The company then selected a mixed bunch - thieves, murderers, deserters. On the way to the column attacking German plane, resulting in only five survive - Lieutenant Robert Jaeger, went to prison because of the systematic insubordination, Tony and Private Canfield - killer, Nick - a thief and a marauder, and Burley - a deserter. The attack took place near the border with Switzerland, so that our heroes decide to go to the border and thus evade justice and war. On the way, they fall into the unfortunate incident - mistakenly killed a group of American spies disguised as Germans. Then decide to replace them to perform complex and dangerous assignment - the secret abduction of a German development - combat missile V2. With the help of this site you can download Quel maledetto treno blindato full free movie in HD quality.

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