Selling Innocence Download free movie 720p

Selling Innocence Download free movie 720p

Movie Selling Innocence full 1080p

Country: United States
Genre: Drama
Year: 2005
Director: Pierre Chang
Audio: MP3, 32 kb / s
Runtime: 1:32:02
Starring: Mimi Rogers, JR Bourne, Sarah Lind, Tamara Hope, Mike Lobel, Joanne Kelly, Fred Evanuik, Cheriss Baker, Alex Johnson, Emma Paetts, Margherita Donato, Nikki Pag


16-year-old Mia fights with the most popular girl in school for the attention heartthrob Justin. At home, she is fighting with her mother forced her to get a job. By participating in the contest of young talents, Mia drew the attention of Malcolm, who represented the head of the modeling agency. It just fascinates and Mia and her mother. They sign a contract. Stylists Mia converted from an ugly duckling into a swan sexual. Couple fotoseansov, advertising campaign, and it is - a real fashion model, a bombshell for the Internet. But when he saw himself dedicated a paid site, Mia realizes that trapped and she will have to save his life ... With you can download Selling Innocence full free movie in HD quality.

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