Sex et perestroika Download 1990 1080p

Sex et perestroika Download 1990 1080p

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Audio: MP3, 32 kb / s
Director: Francois Zhuffa
Genre: Comedy
Country: France
Runtime: 1:30:25
Year: 1990
Starring: Elena Masurenkova, Eugene Kryukov, Catherine Inovenkova Francois Zhuffa Olga Koposova Natalia Shchukin, Irina Malouina, Leonid Ogarev, Dima Orekov, Aleksandr Gnedenko, Olga Pepeliaeva, Francis Leroy


In April 1990, a group of French filmmakers come to the Soviet Union to remove the erotic film here. Director named Boris holds casting VGIK, talking with the future actresses looking for suitable models on the streets of Moscow and Moscow suburbs, among the spectators at the concert of film, Red Square, in the Park of Culture. Boris does not notice the transition from search to search beauties thrill, and does not reflect the price that sometimes has to pay for it ... With you can download Sex et perestroika free movie in HD.

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