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Director: Daniel Alfredson
Runtime: 1:35:15
Country: Sweden
Genre: Drama
Year: 2013
Audio: ffaac, 193 kb / s
Starring: Lena Endre, Tord Peterson, Thomas Gabrielsson, Felix Engström, Stefan Yёdikke, Johan Sundberg, etc ..


Foggy day in late summer in northern Öland disappears a little boy. Family, police and volunteers looking for him day after day, week after week. Twenty years later, the boy's mother, Julia, calling her father and asked to come to the island to conduct his own investigation and find out what happened to the child. Her father is sure that the disappearance of the boy involved Nils Kant, a local resident, once terrified the whole neighborhood. But Kant died long before the disappearance of the son of Julia. However, many claim to have seen him out to wander through the wasteland, when it begins to get dark - in the evening ... With you can download Skumtimmen full HD movie.

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