Socialisticky Zombi Mord Download 2014 1080p

Socialisticky Zombi Mord Download 2014 1080p

Movie Socialisticky Zombi Mord full HD

Country: Slovakia
Audio: ffaac, 84 kb / s
Runtime: 1:34:00
Genre: Horrors
Director: Rastislav Blažek
Year: 2014
Starring: Boris Bitukov Victor Gzheveng, Hank Harenkarova, Peter Levi, Dennis Rotlingova Veronica Valentovikova, Tibor Zvonarev


Action film with an unusual name extermination of zombies in a socialist begins in the distant 1968. It was then, ended in failure a secret operation with the scientific name of the classified "infected" as a result of which all the forces hostile to the socialist system must be destroyed as a result of contracting a deadly virus. As a result, scientific research went on uncontrolled way, and it was decided to stop. Some smoke grenades with a secret deadly gas mysteriously disappeared. If you watch the film online on, then transported in 1985 into a prosperous socialist country Czechoslovakia, where happy people live, unaware of the approach of this disaster. Further events in the film Socialistický Zombi Mord (2014) developed with frightening rapidity. In one of the agricultural schools are imported smoke bombs for military training sessions. As it turns out, these are drafts, which contain dangerous gas. As a result of its distribution begin to turn ordinary people into zombies. Part of the non-infected citizens of Czechoslovakia combined to attempt to stop the spread of the deadly virus. With you can download Socialisticky Zombi Mord full movie in HD quality.

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