Soo-sang-han Go-gaek-deul Download 720p full movie

Soo-sang-han Go-gaek-deul Download 720p full movie

Dowload movie Soo-sang-han Go-gaek-deul torrent 720p

Runtime: 2:02:08
Country: South Korea
Year: 2011
Genre: Comedy
Director: Jin-mo Jo
Audio: faad, 129 kb / s
Starring: Seng-Bohm Ryu, Dong-il Song, Cheol-min Park, Seon-kyeong Jeong, Yoo Seo, Im Joo-Hwan, Younha, Kim Chae-bin, Ji-Eun Lee, Joon-ha Lee, Oh Eun-Chan, Jung Sung-ha


The insurance agent now working Bae Byung have, in the past is a professional baseball player. Implementation increases, life is laid, brilliant front looms the prospect of cooperation with the elite of Korea. And then something about himself began to give to know the sins of the past, when in order to achieve success, he sold the policies right and left. One former client commits an act of suicide, the police are investigating, and insurers themselves should be subjected to scrutiny. A similar potential wishing to commit suicide, more than a dozen. Glimpses of high society overshadow the threat of criminal prosecution. To protect themselves, the agent must find all of unreliable customers. He wants to force them to be safe in the pension fund. For doing this, he slowly delves into their questions and quietly changing himself. With you can download Soo-sang-han Go-gaek-deul free full HD movie.

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