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Runtime: 1:46:36
Audio: faad, 129 kb / s
Year: 1988
Country: France
Director: George Slёyzer
Genre: Thriller
Starring: Bernard-Pierre Donnadё Gene Bervuts, Johanna ter Stekhov Gwen Ekhaus, Bernadette Le Sasha, Tanya Latarzhe Lucille Glenn, Roger Souza, Caroline Appert, Pierre Forget, Didier Rousset, Rafaelin Goupille


Two lovers, Rex and Saskia, traveling from Amsterdam in the French countryside to spend a holiday together. On one of the gas stations Saskia decided to run to the store for drinks and disappears in broad daylight. It takes three years, and Rex, who by that time a new lover, suddenly decides to resume the search for Saskia. He is putting up posters in the place of the disappearance of the girl, and one day receives a mysterious letter ... With UrsaMovie.com you can download Spoorloos free full movie in HD quality.

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