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Stille Liebe Download free torrent in HD

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Year: 2001
Director: Christoph Schaub
Runtime: 1:28:20
Audio: MP3, 64 kb / s
Genre: Drama
Country: Switzerland
Starring: Emmanuelle Laborit, Lars Otterstedt, Renate Becker, Wolfram Berger, Renate Steiger, Eugene Sitohin, Elizabeth Abenchuchan, Sandra Abenojar, Andreas Ablanalb, Hajri Ammar, Rosella Andiani, Tamara Joe Beatty


Young deaf novice Anthony, got to the monastery a little girl, is preparing to become a nun. And yet every day she goes to the city to the shelter for the poor, to help the owner of a shelter to cook and clean the room. A chance meeting with Mikasa, an immigrant from Lithuania who know sign language, it is more to her than friendship. But soon Anthony discovers that Mikas for a living, industrial handheld vorostvom. It will have to make a difficult choice: to stay in the monastery forever, or go into the controversial world full of human passions. With you can download Stille Liebe full movie in HD.

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