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Audio: MP3, 40 kb / s
Country: United Kingdom
Runtime: 1:32:05
Genre: Struggle
Year: 2005
Director: Anthony Hickox
Starring: Steven Seagal, Vinnie Jones, Christine Adams, William Hope, Nick Brimble, Alison King, PH Moriarty, Gary Daniels, Ross McCall, Stephen Da Costa, Peter Youngblood Hills, Adam Fogerty


Chris Cody - the independent agent to combat terrorism - fighting for his life deep in the depths of the sea. The struggling not only with the elements, but also a betrayal. More recently, he was a prisoner of the military prison. He was released on the orders of the President of the United States to carry out a particularly important task. It must identify and destroy the killers of the US ambassador in one of the countries of the world. But the CIA, covering the operation of Chris Cody, do not tell him that the murder is the Presidential Guard. Thus closes a death trap. But all is not lost ... With you can download Submerged free movie in HD quality.

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