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Runtime: 1:35:40
Country: Finland
Year: 2007
Audio: MP3, 64 kb / s
Genre: Drama
Director: Olli Saarela
Starring: Krista Kosonen, Kari Heiskanen, Johanna af Schulten, Kai Wayne, Ville Virtanen, Katariina Kaytue Christina Halttu, Yucca Puotila, Anne-Marie Alaspaa, Aqsa Korttila Ollie Rahkonen, Manna Jantti


Sari - a talented student, studying literature, apparently calm and confident. Women envy her intelligence and beauty, men admire her. But Sari epilepsy, scary, mysterious disease, and fear of new attacks makes her behave very carefully, keeping a distance with other people. Acquainted with Mikko Groman, an elderly lecturer of the faculty, says Sari it a familiar alienation. Mikko, who lives in its own space, feels free only in the world of poetry of the XIX century. His face is close Sari and confident person, but others see them as only two completely dissimilar people. With you can download Suden vuosi full HD movie.

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