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Telmisseomding Download full movie 1080p

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Country: South Korea
Director: Yong-Hyung Chang
Year: 1999
Runtime: 1:57:42
Audio: faad, 128 kb / s
Genre: Horrors
Starring: Sok Kyu Han, Eun-ha Shim, Chang Han Song, Jong Ёm A Ahn Seok-hwan, Park Cho, Yu Zhong San, Hwan-Jun Lee


During the summer of 1999, in the vicinity of Seoul show a lot of black garbage bags filled with the various parts of the bodies of three victims. Matter of priority to investigate falls Detective Cho, police with tarnished reputation. With the help of their partner Oh, Cho quickly learns that all three victims were former boyfriend pretty, quiet keeper of the museum named Chae Su Yeon. By focusing its attention on the Soo Yeon Cho spends most of her time at her, picking up the keys to her troubled past, thus trying to track down the killer. Meanwhile, the death toll continues to rise, and soon Cho is in the sights of a killer. But who is behind all these heinous crimes? Maybe Kim Ki-young, an artist who is an avid fan of Su Yong? Or is her best friend, who lives permanently at the local hospital? Perhaps it is the father of Su Yong, whom she has not seen in five years? Or, finally, the Su-young? With the help of you can download Telmisseomding full free movie in HD quality.

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