Terumae romae II Download torrent in HD quality

Terumae romae II Download torrent in HD quality

Download Terumae romae II full HD

Genre: Comedy
Director: Hideki Takeuchi
Runtime: 1:52:42
Year: 2014
Country: Japan
Audio: ffaac, 85 kb / s
Starring: Kazuki Kitamura, Riki Takeuchi, Kari Shishido, Takashi Szasz, Masatika Ichimura, Aya Ueto, Robert Baldwin, Hiroshi Abe Martin Burns, Ivan Kostadinov


The plot of the film Terumae romae II (2014) tells the story of the great Roman Empire, whose history comes a tipping point. The situation is heating up because of the differences between the emperor Hadrian, who received more support from the population due to the construction of public baths, and the Senate does not approve the foreign policy of their leader. Lucius - Roman architect who became famous thanks to his project for the construction of public baths. At the same ideas he learned from the life of modern Japan, in which he got through the space-time movement. You can watch the movie online and find out what in the film Roman public baths 2 hero again sucked into the time loop, and as a result of his journey, he is again in modern Japan, where he still remained friends. Lucius starts stealing ideas from the modern world and use them to soldiers in the Roman Colosseum. This hero, not really understanding what is really going on, surely implements any, even the most sophisticated tools that help him to achieve great fame and prestige in his time. But how long can he make such travel and steal other people's ideas? With UrsaMovie.com you can download Terumae romae II free full movie in HD.

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