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Director: Jeff Bleckner
Runtime: 1:26:44
Country: United States
Year: 1996
Audio: ffaac, 83.008 kb / s
Genre: Drama
Starring: Larry Drake, Missy Crider, William Petersen, EJ Johnson, Denis Arndt, Ronald Gattmen Sterling Meyser ml., Charles Martin Smith, Karen Silas Murray Bartlett


Action horror film creature comes in an American backwater where, until recent events referred to in the film, people lived calm and peaceful. They never thought that they would have to go through such terrible events. And they measured life is disrupted by a series of mysterious disappearances of sailors and snorkellers. Residents of a fishing village are bewildered. They can not understand why there are these terrible events. Horror settled in their souls. The district is panic. Watch the movie online is becoming more exciting. A team of policemen begins his own investigation of disappearances. Experienced cops are trying to find at least some clue, but in vain. As a result, in the movie The Beast (1996) comes to the fore a former sea captain Whip Dalton, who has every reason to believe that the local waters for many years lived huge monster that is the cause of death of all those caught in its path. At first this take over speculation survivor of the old man's mind, but when there is a real proof of the existence of the monster, followed by the real hunting begins. With the help of you can download The Beast free full movie in HD quality.

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