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The Caller Download torrent in HD

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Genre: Horrors
Year: 2011
Director: Matthew Parkhill
Runtime: 1:32:26
Audio: MP3, 56 kb / s
Country: United Kingdom
Starring: Stephen Moyer Rachelle Lefevre Luis Guzman, Ed Quinn, Lorna Raver, Marisa Alvarez, Asis Mejias, Cordelia Gonzalez, Brian Tester, Alfredo De Kuesada, Grace Connelly, Gladys Rodriguez


Experiences after the divorce for Mary Key compounded by a string of strange phone calls from a mysterious stranger. Soon she begins chuditsya that someone enters the house without her knowledge. But the worst thing happens when Mary realizes that this someone is calling from the past ... With you can download The Caller free full movie in HD.

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