The Gunfighter Download in HD quality torrent

The Gunfighter Download in HD quality torrent

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Director: Henry King
Audio: ffaac, 129 kb / s
Country: United States
Runtime: 1:24:31
Genre: Western
Year: 1950
Starring: Gregory Peck, Helen Westcott, Millard Mitchell, Jean Parker, Karl Malden, Skip Homeyer, Anthony Ross, Verna Felton, Ellen Corby, Richard Dzhekel, Elper Murray, Larry Buchanan


Jimmy Ringo - man legend, the fastest shooter in the Wild West. He is not old, but already tired of life. The fact that he can not safely stay in one city. Everywhere it pursues, the glory of the coolest shooter. And in every saloon is, any cowboy who wants to check: is it really good as it spreads the rumor. That has to kill Jimmy, twine and kill. The result is a moron, who basely kills Ringo shot in the back. He did not hang for it. But! It becomes the curse of the circle-arrow-killed-Jimmy Ringo. From this point it will also want to kill every saloon Wild West ... With you can download The Gunfighter full free movie in HD quality.

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