The Last Ride Download in HD free movie

The Last Ride Download in HD free movie

Movie The Last Ride free 720p

Year: 2004
Director: Guy Norman Bee
Genre: Drama
Audio: faad, 129 kb / s
Country: United States
Runtime: 1:20:36
Starring: Dennis Hopper, Will Patton, Fred Ward, Luis Alberto Acevedo ml., Connor Betten, Clayton Blocker, Matt Bradford, Ken Capozzi, Chris Carmack, Ben DiGregorio, Dean Dill, David Douglas


After the wife of the famous Ronnie Pernell raiders killed during a failed robbery attempt, he decides to surrender to police. After receiving a long time, the robber forced to leave his young son Aaron in the care of the treacherous friend Darryl Kёrttsa that, in fact, rigged arrest of Ronnie. Thirty years later Pernell returned to freedom with a single desire - to avenge. The key to his nemesis lies in the cherished car of 1969, which should find Ronnie. Matured Aaron - an honest cop, desperately trying to make his son Matt's law-abiding citizen. However, all attempts to keep the grandson of Aaron out of the vicious influence of his grandfather are in vain: Matt can not resist the seductive prospect of helping his grandfather to pay tribute to a man who has substituted the old man 30 years ago. On the stolen Pontiac 2004 350 horsepower family tandem is sent to restore justice! With you can download The Last Ride full free movie in HD quality.

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