The Offspring Download in HD full movie

The Offspring Download in HD full movie

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Year: 1987
Runtime: 1:39:47
Audio: faad, 128 kb / s
Genre: Drama
Country: United States
Director: Jeff Barr
Starring: Vincent Price, Clu Gulager, Terry Kaiser, Harry Caesar, Rosalind Cash, Cameron Mitchell, Susan Tyrrell, Martin Beswick, Ron Brooks, Miriam Baird-Noether Didi Lanier, Tommy Nowell


In the town of Oldfield executed some Katherine White, pleaded guilty in multiple murders. That evening, to her uncle-librarian Julian comes reportёrsha planning to talk about his niece. Do not set up to give an interview to the journalist Julian says that crime with the death of Catherine Oldfield still will not run, because the city has long been a curse. To confirm his words, he tells her the story of the four abnormal inhabitants of Oldfield. The first - about a lonely old man, tired to care for a sick sister, and decided to find a new life partner. The second - about a wounded bandit, the saved in the swamps suspicious Negro veteran. The heroine falls in love with a third stories poedatelya carnival glass - not quite an ordinary star of the circus. The last story is set at the dawn of the base Oldfield, during the Civil War, when several northern soldiers are captured by a strange sect angry and armed children. With the help of you can download The Offspring full free movie in HD.

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