The Petrified Forest Download 1936 1080p

The Petrified Forest Download 1936 1080p

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Audio: MP3, 64 kb / s
Runtime: 1:18:56
Year: 1936
Genre: Drama
Country: United States
Director: Archie Mayo
Starring: Leslie Howard, Bette Davis, Geneva Tobin, Dick Foran, Humphrey Bogart, Joe Sawyer, Porter Hall, Charlie Greypvin, Paul Harvey, Eddie Acuff, Adrian Morris, Nina Campana


Alan Squier - writer idealist tired of coarse brutality of life without a cent in his pocket is on the highway in the Arizona desert. Staying at the restaurant in an old gas station grumpy Jason Maple, Alan meets and falls in love with Gabriella, daughter of Maple. She wants to study in Paris. When approaching gas station Chisholm wife, Gabriella Alan persuades them to take with them to California. But they failed to go far: the ruthless gangster Duke Manthey and his accomplices have committed murder in Oklahoma, take all the hostages. The writer calls gangster last great apostle of rugged individualism and concludes contract with him - asks that shot him before he left ... With the help of this site you can download The Petrified Forest free movie in HD quality.

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