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Tomme tonner Download free movie 1080p

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Director: Leon Israr Bashir
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 1:24:09
Audio: MP3, 32 kb / s
Year: 2010
Country: Norway
Starring: Einar Kvarving Aarvig, Farrakh Abbas, Lars Markus Verpeide Bakke, Leon Israr Bashir, the free Kim, Pia Borgli, Ragnar Dyresen, Anderz Eide, Asmund Hoeg Eliassen, Yasmine Garbi, Iram Haq, Carre Hellum


Group petty criminals, whose ultimate dream - cool car with neon lights bottoms, received a long-awaited order from the all-powerful crime boss Dane. We need to steal rare stuffed falcon, sold at auction for 2 million. Kroons. Scarecrow needed a Dane and his podelnitse, cool young lady-Swede to please a partner - an amateur bird stuffed. Otherwise, he will be released from the case and does not provide a transport path of the next cargo. But it did not work as it should. Scarecrow gets a drug addict named Finish, and even the way the guys the other team goes scams that drive the moonshine to sell and with whom they can share business ... With the help of you can download Tomme tonner full movie in HD quality.

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