Un embrujo Download 1080p 1998

Un embrujo Download 1080p 1998

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Year: 1998
Runtime: 2:06:00
Audio: faad, 129 kb / s
Genre: Drama
Director: Carlos Carrera
Country: Mexico
Starring: Blanca Guerra, Mario Zaragoza, Daniel Acuna, Luis Fernando Peña, Ricardo Renteria, Luis Huertas, Vanessa Bauchi, Elpidiya Carrillo, Myra Serbul, Gabriela Murray, Guillermo Gil, Rodolfo Arias


In 1928, the year the port town of Progreso in the drama. The son of a porter for 13 years planned to escape from the provincial town. Once it has already made his older sister Magda. She left his home and ran away with a circus artist Roy. The boy's name was Eliseo. Recently, his teacher seduced Felipa. She was accused of child molestation, and she was forced to leave the city. Eliseo without thinking twice, switched to Lipit - daughter of the chief of his father. After these events, the hero is already matured in 1937, the year. He's already married to Lipite. Philip returned to the progress and wants to build a new school. They have to start again Eliseo relationships that lead to new problems. With the help of UrsaMovie.com you can download Un embrujo full HD movie.

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