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Year: 1995
Runtime: 1:19:10
Genre: Comedy
Director: Jeffrey Lau
Country: Hong Kong
Audio: faad, 128 kb / s
Starring: Chi Fai Chow, Stephen Chow, Vun Lin Howe, Dip Heung, Xi Meng Hui, Suet Lam Kin-Yan Lee Lik-Chi Lee Ka-Yan Leung Hung Lo, Bruce Mann, Karen Mok


Leon - Ghostbusters. It is kept in a mental hospital, but he was not especially mind knowing that it is always able to get when you need his help. But this time he needed help Kompashki police guards who have to guard apartment complex just at night when the house must come back for revenge killed two residents of the soul. Karen Mok plays Man Kwan, is nothing to do, and therefore it is nailed to Leon. With the help of UrsaMovie.com you can download Wui wan yeh free HD movie.

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